Mayra & Soledad

Auckland // June 2016

Early this week, I had an email enquiry from Chile. Mayra & her girlfriend were flying over to New Zealand and Mayra was planning a beautiful proposal she wanted me to photograph - on Thursday. There would be no time to meet in person before, we would just have to make it work on the day.

Over the next few days, we sent many messages and made plans through WhatsApp. Mayra planned to take Sole up the mountain to see the crater and see the amazing views of Auckland City. A balloon company was also going to meet us there, Mayra would take the balloons, give them to Sole and then propose.

I have not been this nervous like this in my role as a photographer for a very long time. There were so many variables we had no control over: Weather! Background! Balloons! Mayra and I sent each other pictures of our outfits on the day and I spotted them immediately. It was easy to play tourist, but I still felt like a bit of creep following them around, especially when I was squatting in the long grass behind them, waiting for a balloon arrival...

There they go!

Here is the beautiful proposal.

Then, I could reveal my role and take some more photos of these two gorgeous and giddy women in the crispy, golden sunshine.

The plan was pulled off! I feel so privileged to be part of such an intimate and special moment in the lives of Mayra and Soledad. I wish them all the best for a wonderful life together.